"A craftsman who assembles the different house the movement in its exact dimensions"


Case-fitter was created to find a new sound in guitarist Jeff Swanson's music.  Its inception began with electric bassist Lane Beckstrom (The Juju Exchange, Kids These Days, Marrow, Nico Segal, Chance the Rapper) and drummer Greg Artry (Melvin Rhyne, Pharez Whitted, Bobby Broom, Slide Hampton, Bobby Watson, Charles McPhearson, Claudio Roditi, Donald Harrison Jr.).

It was recorded over four weeks in April 2017 during a residency at The Whistler in Chicago. Each week the group used a set repertoire and added members to its core trio, exploring a different experience each week and concluding with the final recorded performance as an octet.

Swanson brings a fresh lyrical approach to bringing jazz, improvisation, electronic and post-rock music together on this release. Featuring a cast of rare talent, Case-fitter explores these seven new compositions to paint boundless landscapes with craft and care.

"I believe music creates a place for a community to come together.  This music was written with that purpose in mind from the beginning; to bring my favorite people and musicians together for what I envisioned as a fun and engaging experience.  Performing the music live we invited our friends and family to join us, and we now invite you to join the experience as well."

On March 6th Jeff Swanson's first full length album entitled Case-fitter will be released on Bace Records

Featuring: Greg Artry (drums), Lane Beckstrom (electric bass), Jeff Swanson (guitar and samples), Quentin Coaxum (trumpet), Paul Bedal (fender rhodes), Greg Ward (alto saxophone), Dustin Laurenzi (tenor saxophone, op-1), Artie Black (bass clarinet, tenor saxophone).