Kinds words for "Case-fitter" from Chicago Jazz Magazine

"On his, exceptionally mature, debut Case-fitter guitarist Jeff Swanson greatly expands his working band to interpret seven of his intricately constructed originals.  The synergistic ensemble, consisting of a four-person frontline and a rhythm quartet, seamlessly goes from individual expressions to collective performances and blurs the boundaries between spontaneous and written music"

- Hrayr Attarian, 

Chicago Jazz Magazine


full article available here

Case-fitter's "The Crashing Wave" featured on The Whistler's Weekly Free Series

The “Weekly Free” is a new song, or collection of songs, that were recorded live on The Whistler stage and are available as a free download or “name your price” option. Any profits go to the artists."

Be sure to give a listen to "The Crashing Wave" from our upcoming record Case-fitter here:

The Whistler Chicago

The full album will be available on March 6th through Bace Records

 photo by Jacob Hand

photo by Jacob Hand