JS Group | Natural Language

This fall brings a lot of exciting things on the way...

  • Jeff Swanson Group enjoyed a lot of great performances this summer. We have also wrapped tracking on our first CD and will be releasing our first EP in 2017, stay tuned for more album info and previews soon!

JS GROUP featured at this year's Bucktown Arts Fest on 8.27.16 - Photo by Mike Bieniek

Paul Bedal - Keyboard, Matt Ulery - Bass, Greg Artry - Drums, JS - Guitar

  • Dustin Laurenzi's Natural Language's debut cd hits the streets September 9th. By far one of my favorite projects I am a part of. Dustin writes beautiful music and put a great band together to play it so be sure to go support it here. All performances are listed on the schedule. If you don't know Dustin, be sure to check his page out here.